[Archive - 2020] Titan Championship Wrestling Review

Titan Championship Wrestling is a new company on the rise on New Jersey. I am extremely thankful for Billy allowing the Square Circle Podcast to be at the event.

I rode in the car with JD Alpha and RavageDragon who founded RavageLands. Square Circle Podcast in under the umbrella of RavageLands. On RavageLands we stream video games! Anyway, on our way to the venue in Totowa, New Jersey we got lost. We ended up in someone’s drive way on top of a hill with a truck and trailer that resembled what could be a ring inside. We saw a broken down shed and a nice looking house that looked big for a show. But we were in residential area. That was the epitome of backyard wrestling. So we typed in the full address with the name of venue: Elks Lodge. The zip code was wrong. Regardless, we finally made it to the venue.

JD Alpha wrestled against Anthony Silva. Anthony Silva is a skilled wrestler. He’s a plethora of offense and understands the ring. There’s an ease when watching him wrestle. He debuted at Titan Championship Wrestling because he’s well believed in. I believe in him. Below is his full match against JD Alpha: Best on the East Coast.

Here are some pictures taken at the event.

My camera phone - a Samsung Galaxy 8, couldn’t capture outstanding pictures. My camera doesn’t take action photos. I managed to get these good one and placed them in layout formats.

Each match was different. No two matches were the same. Different energies different personalities. From start to finish it was a good show. Each match had some type of story to be told.

The woman’s match involved a deep story. TCW is looking to crown their first ever Goddess Champion. TCW had a qualifying match to push the winner to the finals. Vicious Vicki competed against Gabby in this qualifier match. Vicious Vicki does have a mean streak about her despite her wonderful partner Nikos Rikos interfering when applicable. In this match, he placed Vicious Vicki’s feet on the ropes so she could pick up the victory. She robbed an opportunity from Gabby that night. However, due to the GM, the decision was reversed. Vicki became stripped of that finals placement and as a punishment has to now face AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose on March 27th. At least Vicki is still booked. May not be for the crowing of the Goddess Champion but she’ll have her day. You felt that Vicki didn’t like that decision. And for something simple she elevated it to feel important. Now, does Gabby get to be in the finals because of the over turn decision?

Our next match during that night was Brother Greatness and Dash vs Unstable.

Brother Greatness is a New York City original making Bronx Wrestling Federation his home. He’s skilled in the ring and on the mic. His passion knows no bounds. Dash is his tag team partner. Both work well in the ring. They form the team called The Congregation.

Unstable is a sight to behold and feel at a live event. Having an scientist for a mouth piece, Dr. Carl Martin instructs his patients to bring horror and violence to their opponents. Often shouting out instructions, he also educated the masses about the human mind when needed. Unstable is from the Monster Factory school. They’ve wrestled in New York City as well.

The next match was a special attraction. NWA and WWF wrestling star The Warlord appeared at Titan Championship Wrestling. I love meeting wrestlers. The Warlord and I have the same birthday. March 28. That’s cool. The Warlord teamed with The Barbarian in WWF to create the team of The Powers of Pain. Below is his tag team match.

Steve Mack is a badass wrestler with a dangerous mouth. He cuts promos like it was a knife fight. He elicits an emotion from you. His words can hit very close. He comes out and starts a dialogue with The Warlord. Then Anthony Gangone comes out. Anthony Gangone is IWA’s champion. He mentions he doesn’t have a match and wants to be involved in this triple threat. Then Jay George (I apologize for misspelling his name) comes out and wants a match. Boom! Tag team match! Afte