The Young Bucks Killing the Business Review

The Young Bucks: Killing the Business from the Backyards to Big Leagues is the perfect gift for haters, die-hard, and casual wrestling fans that explains all about the Young Bucks from childhood to adulthood. The Young Bucks adopted the credo of: Never Give Up, indirectly, and you’ll understand as you read the adventure. Nick Jackson, younger brother of The Young Bucks team is the super supporter throughout the autobiography as he keeps Matt’s dwindling faith — at times — in pro wrestling alive. Matt Jackson is more of the observer and thinker, calculating the next moves that’ll be beneficial for all. Wrestling isn’t glamorous, and The Young Bucks shed all the façade of what we fans once knew. The book is an open source of lessons, trade secrets from merchandising to Being The Elite, high and lows, parenting, familiar names from the business, and the creation of our favorite wrestling company All Elite Wrestling.

The Young Bucks book takes you on a journey from their childhood — feeling and seeing their fears, happiness, goals, and learned life lessons as if you’re a part of their family — all the way through adulthood where things seem bleak then prosperous, then bleak again and finally just right with the world. It’s the perfect story build equivalent to a tag team match.

Matt and Nick are inseparable, a true foundation of stability for each other just like the alternating chapters in the book. That’s right! Each chapter is headlined by Matt or Nick with cool stories like how they got their first wrestling ring, personal lessons, and provide us with strong unique writing voices. No two chapters are the same. No two thought patterns are the same. Even if Matt and Nick agreed that their wrestling and tag team names weren't their first choice in the matter.

Matt and Nick are truly brothers with an unbreakable bond and that’s what they give you as an experience with their book. Every wrestler — singles or tag team — every stage hand, referee, commentator, promoter and all the unsung heroes of the wrestling business can always give you a unique experience for a couple of hours during a show but nothing comes close to reading authentic non-imposter syndrome words off the page that pulls you into another side of the industry like The Young Bucks can.

Matt Jackson allows us to travel into his mindset during every chapter; you understand the man behind his decisions and reasonings when it comes to the marketing and business aspect of pro wrestling. If they aren’t talking about you, you aren’t doing something right.

Nick Jackson allows us to take a seat by his side as he walks us through behind the scenes of wrestling companies such as Total Nonstop Action, World Wrestling Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Ring of Honor and more.

The Young Bucks never stop performing, and that is true with their book. From start to finish it’s a quick ride but it builds and builds and builds like a rollercoaster waiting for that swift fall into having all the loose ends string together in perfect unison. You may know their story, but you still root for them during the read.

The Young Bucks are ordinary people living the dream and life they fell in love with. There wasn’t a sacred wrestling family bloodline that kept them afloat. Papa and Mama Bucks help keep their boy’s dream and hustling alive with unconditional love and support even if the play fighting got insane. The right decisions were made even if it was scary to Matt and Nick. Traveling to Japan to gain new experiences and perspectives were scary to them. But all their experiences garnered a new respect for business and how to play it. And they — Matt and Nick — played it well. From Pro Wrestling Tees and Hot Topic deals, just to whet one’s curiosity.

I’m inspired by The Young Bucks: Killing the Business from the Backyards to the Big Leagues, and so proud of Matt and Nick to accomplish all they have and something few set out to do fully — wrestling and writing. Writing is the hard part, I would know, but wrestling is like second nature to The Young Bucks. So, if you ever wanted to learn the true, complete story of The Young Bucks, how they made it, and what that means for your wrestling career, make sure to purchase your copy from a retailer or head over to


Matt Jackson writes the chapter called, “Going All In.” On a personal professional wrestling level, that’s my favorite one because not only did I mark out to it but…I’ve got my own details to add to his chapter.


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