[Archive - 2020] Once Upon A Time In The Bronx

There are so many wrestling stories and I got one to tell you: Once Upon A Time In The Bronx.

Bronx Wrestling Federation books crazy action matches that entertain the crowd from start to finish. I highly suggest coming to the next show: April 11th. I’ve attended a lot of BWF shows in support of JD Alpha and others. This is my review of their March 7, 2020 show.

Steve Mack (NYC Champion) vs Brando Lee

Steve Mack is a dangerous person. He walked around with a machete and the BWF New York City Title. While it’s an honor to represent NYC, he claims that Brooklyn is the best above all the rest. Do you think that’s true? He has the heart of a Brooklyn Knight and a fighting warriors spirit. He laid down a challenge that night on March 7, 2020. An open challenge for his NYC title. His opponent was Brando Lee, a two year rookie wrestler looking to make a name for himself in the squared circle. Brando Lee is small in size but fights like a confident big man. He took Steve Mack to the limit despite feeling many heavy attacks from Steve. Brando Lee didn’t give up. The young prospect didn’t know the phrase of “staying down.” At the end of the match, Brando Lee had pinned Steve Mack for the 3-count. However, Steve Mack had his foot on the rope. Such a vetern move. The referee saw that and while Brando Lee celebrated with the NYC Title for a short time, the decision of the victory was reversed. The match was to be restarted and in the end with a power bomb from Mack — over. Mack retained his NYC Title.

Vicious Vicki (BWF Womans Champion) vs Nakoma Tala

Nakoma Tala wrestled for Bronx Wrestling Federation before. I don’t know much about her. She’s Native American. And she took Vicious Vicki to the limit in their match. Vicious Vicki is the BWF Womans Champion — first ever. She’s a New Jersey native and making a name for herself in New York City. She’s fearless in the ring — almost commands the ring. The match had a lot of back and forth action especially who had the bigger strength advantage. In the end, Vicki picked up the win to retain her BWF Womans Championship.

BWF introduces the Battle Bowl Series. One of the strengths for BWF is their TAG TEAM DIVISION. It doesn’t matter what happens between wrestlers, tag team wrestling thrives at every BWF show. BWF creates new tag teams and even brings back old tag teams from back in the day. The Battle Bowl Series is contested under a point system. For every victory in a match earned grants the tag team 1 point. This next tag team match delivered an old school vs new school atmosphere.

Zoltan vs Sambo Show

Samuel Adams and Lobo

Zoltan (Kris Kage and Whiplash)

This match was great. Sambo Show looked and felt like a million bucks. Sambo Show had a quickness to their tag team ensemble. The team executed tag team moves together. Above are some the pictures I captured. Sambo Show and Zolton personified the old school vs new school tag team wrestling. The styles meshed well. Hard hits, fast hits, and both teams doing double tag team moves. In the end, Zolton defeated Sambo Show in the BWF Battle Bowl Series to gain a point.