[Archive] Preview: Kenny Omega vs Sammy Guervara

Kenny Omega became AAA Mega Champion on October 19, 2019, when he defeated Rey Fenix in Mexico for the title. Kenny has held the championship for 152 days and counting. Can Sammy Guevara dethrone the AAA Mega Champion this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite?

Kenny Omega has had a plethora of amazing matches and stories throughout his career. Kenny isn't a stranger to battling young up-and-coming superstars in the business. He defended the Championship against Jack Evans on AEW last year and also against Dragon Lee last December. Can Kenny Omega stay focused to retain the championship against Sammy?

Over the months, we saw Kenny Omega and "Hangman" Adam Page come together to form a tag team and they are the current AEW World Tag Team Champions. Kenny Omega knows how to switch his wrestling style between tag team and singles competitors. He knows that Page has a problem with The Elite but luckily that hasn't hurt Kenny's performance in the slightest. If anything, he has to pick up the slack indirectly at times. Let's just hope that Kenny's wrist injury is almost fully healed for this match to happen.

Sammy Guevara is a bright young wrestler racing up the ranks of his career. Being with the Inner Circle solidifies his character, charisma, and athletic ability. He can even karaoke Judas by Fozzy with ease! (Well, kinda)

Some wrestlers may see Sammy as just a "kid" who doesn't take anything seriously. But he still commands the squared circle with his talent.

Sammy isn't scared of wrestling Kenny. And neither is Kenny scared of wrestling Sammy. We'll see great acrobatics in the match. Probably some chain wrestling and gloating about certain moves.

We know that the AAA Mega Championship will be contested. May the best man win. However, why else would this match happen? Sammy is part of the Inner Circle. Kenny Omega is part of The Elite. Both teams were scheduled for Blood and Guts originally, but that's not happening.

AEW is making a big match into smaller matches to please and keep the AEW faithful happy. All competitors are amazing to watch, and we'll be there every step with support no matter the matchups.

Now, let's say Sammy Guevara wins and becomes champion. What happens next? He'll defend it down in Mexico and even maybe against his friend Joe Alonzo.

Kenny wouldn't mind losing the title, if that is to happen. Kenny has a lot of obligations to fulfill already such as his EVP duties, defending the AEW World Tag Team Titles, and defending the honor of The Elite.

Sammy winning the title will give him extra awareness in pro wrestling. Have you seen his subscription total on his Youtube channel? People know about him. People talk about him. He understands how to gain an audience through social media. So if Sammy comes out of this match victorious, with some type of interference from Hangman or Inner Circle, it'll be a good thing. Sure Sammy will gloat about it, but who wouldn't when they accomplish something not everyone has: beat Kenny Omega.

This match-up is interesting. It's going to be a classic; even a fan favorite. I'm excited to see the story told within the squared circle.

What happens if Sammy Guevara's friend Joe Alonzo helps him win? Joe Alonzo is scheduled to fight on AEW Dark. Just a thought.