[Archive 2020] IWA Adventure

Here’s some stories from this past weekend - 2.22.20:

I traveled to Nutley, NJ with JD Alpha and friends. JD Alpha was driving. In the car we had the 2 man faction (please don’t ever call them a tag team!) of Ace Andrews and Big Cuzzo along with sometimes intern most times wrestler Leland Parker. We also had Matt Awesome in which I conducted a small quick interview with him. We talked about his debut in Intense Wrestling Alliance (I believe I got the name of the company wrong in the previous newsletter. The company just changed their name.), his thoughts about his upcoming match on March 7th for Bronx Wrestling Federation, and he sent out a message to his former tag team partner Johnny Santos.

I remember the first time driving to Nutley, NJ it took forever. It’s always the first times that seems to stick with you. Now, we get to Nutley within a hour. So we quickly stopped at Wendy’s for a bite to eat. The location of the venue has nothing around. It has a cafe that makes and charges dinner prices for their hearty food. There’s a small shop but I wouldn’t remember the walking trail. So make sure to eat before arriving at the venue.


Back in the day of pro wrestling, no one was allowed to lift the veil of the curtain to bring you insider knowledge. I still uphold that to this very day but I’m allowed to share stuff with you guys. I’m old school, even if I’m turning 29 next month. But let’s have some fun.

First of all, this venue for IWA is in a church and down the hall is a bar. The best thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t make this up. Maybe next time I’ll take a picture of both.

(April 19th)

The bar room is reserved for meet and greets. We didn’t do a meet and greet this time. Last show for last year we did and we sold 3 out 4 JD Alpha shirts. That was nice.

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So, for anyone that’s a gamer or at least casually games or knows about games probably played or had a friend that play this one particular game: WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64. Well within the wrestling community, it’s a sin to have not played this game before. The guilty indie wrestler? JD ALPHA!

JD Alpha is guilty of NOT playing WWF No Mercy. I even bother him on it. His response: It’s not that serious.


So I took a picture of all the wrestlers beating him up! It became a huge move chain galore on him and others!

After that, I interviewed Matt Awesome:

Thank you again, Matt! You’re welcomed any time on the podcast!

As the hours came to the doors opening at 6pm and starting the show around 6:30pm, from start to finish the crowd was alive and the matches were good. If the crowd is reacting with boos, cheers, and yelling that means the wrestlers and the company are doing everything right. If the wrestlers and company hear silence, that’s a bad sign. Luckily, it was really fun to be there. We had title changes and the crowing of new IWA Tag Team Champions!

New Intense Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Champions:

The 2 Man Faction of Ace Andres and Big Cuzzo!

Congrats to them on wining new gold! They’ll be on the podcast one day!

And congrats to me for stealing a pic with the new IWA TAG TEAM BELTS!