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Fixing WWE Evolution

Marie Shadows

October 20, 2018

In eight days we witness history. Or what could have been history. WWE Evolution is the first all women’s pay-per-view and it’s low caliber match card doesn’t hide that this might just be a snooze. The ladies overall performance would have to be over 9,000 to keep all our attention.

I’m all for change. I’m all for evolving.

However, this spectacle doesn’t scream evolving. Mae Young Classic season one and two were enjoyable because it was women’s wrestling. It’s pure at its core. There weren’t soap-opera style storylines. Those women gave it their all and in turn, we as fans respond well to it. It’s a different atmosphere too. The ladies in NXT shine well also. They put on great performances. The ladies on the main roster do the same.

Except for the Bella Twins. Someone hit the reset button on WWE when they brought back the Bella Twins. WWE took a ten year leap back instead of a twenty year leap forward. And Ronda Rousey was correct in all aspects of her promo. AJ Lee started the same promo with the same sentiments but it got buried quickly. Ronda is a beast in the ring. She honestly scares me at times. But Ronda can destroy Nikki Bella in their match at Evolution airing on the WWE Network October 28, 2018 from the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York.

Ronda Rousey, a decorated fighter with a list of accolades will wrestle a Reality Television star, Nikki Bella. What’s wrong with this match-up? It’s pop culture Hollywood versus a fighter. This match will attract the casual fan. The ones who tune into Total Divas and then claim they’re wrestling fans. Nikki Bella held the Divas Championship for three hundred and one days. The Divas Championship is obsolete. That title belt sits on your shelf collecting dust. We are in the era of women’s wrestling. Where women train just as hard the men and perform with their whole heart. They have a certain passion for the business. But this match-up here proves that we still have two kinds of stereotypes that won’t go away. Nikki Bella’s fame happened the same way it does in a high school social structure. The hot girl with somewhat athletic abilities always gets what she wants with the minimal amount of effort. This girl is always praised; put on a pedestal so other females can strive to be a “fearless” Nikki Bella. Ronda Rousey’s fame took a different direction. She’s the cute, adorable girl with a hidden mean streak. But her giving heart makes her an easy target to become betrayed. All of her accomplishments have to be constantly mentioned because no one understands why such a cute, adorable girl is getting praised. She’s the one you pass up for the hot chick because the hot chick beams with “accomplishments.” If WWE wanted to show past versus present, or just great wrestling that can be entertaining as well, how about this match-up:

  • Ronda versus Natalya

  • Ronda versus Asuka

  • Ronda versus Shayna Baszler (we’ll eventually get to this.)

I call for Ronda versus Natalya because Natalya needs a boost for her career. She’s an original diva during that era. One that can wrestle. She’s a Hart. Yes. I’m basing my answer on her lineage. If they didn’t make note of it, then no, I won’t be using it as a base. However, Natalya has been training Ronda. It would be a nice teacher versus student. Or just a simple match with simple storytelling to tell who’s the best.

I call for Ronda versus Asuka because Asuka rose up the ranks as a badass from the Land of the Rising Sun. She had an undefeated streak and it broke in a most displeasing way. Ronda is a new challenger, a new obstacle, and Asuka should always be looking for the next big threat. Match set up as follows: Main Event - Ronda stands in the ring and calls for an open challenge - Cue Asuka’s entrance music - Wrestle for 30 mins.

I call for Ronda versus Shayna Baszler because it’s MMA versus MMA. It’s two pure fighters in a four sided ring battling like fierce warriors. Sometimes you don’t a soap-opera style storyline. Friends can tell a good story without the crutch.

Best friends turned enemies because of a prize. I’m referring to Becky Lynch vs Charlotte. Becky Lynch finally got what she sought after. And she’s making the most out of being a heel. But this Becky Lynch isn’t just a heel. It’s a person that finally chased after a dream, claimed it, and is going to stay there as long as possible. However, overall, this feud is growing stale. I can’t fix it unless we throw in a third competitor. I’m hoping this will be the last match between the two.

Evolution gives a seventy-five percent past versus present match-up. Lita and Trish Stratuss come from the Attitude Era. And Mickie James started around that time and ushered into the Divas Era. Even though Mickie James is still relevant, she’s technically part of that transition from Attitude Era to Divas. How to fix?

Original match: Mickie James and Alexa Bliss vs Lita and Trish.

Side note: This match was created only because management didn’t feel like Ronda versus Nikki Bella would hold up.

New match: Alexa Bliss and Ruby Riot vs Lita and Trish

Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon vs Lita and Trish

See what I did? Each wrestler complements their counterparts. Alexa Bliss does remind me of Trish Stratus. Both women went from gorgeous ladies to vicious athletes while maintaining femininity. Once Trish got into the groove of wrestling, she found herself and the rest is history. Both women are the same stature, similar personalities: sweet and innocent until pissed off, and wrestling ability is there, although Alexa Bliss is developed better. However, both ladies compliment each other in the ring. I do see Alexa carrying Trish in this match.

Ruby Riot has a certain “IT” factor that Lita has. Both are risk takers. Both know and understand the ring. They’re rockstars. They’re adrenaline junkies.