Battle Of The Super Vixens

Updated: Jun 14

(What if AEW worked with my idea in the beginning of the women's division?)

AEW Super Vixens - name for the women's division

This tournament is to introduce a new trophy championship for the women to compete annually.

How is it won? A 16 women single elimination tournament. The finals can be at the next PPV. Full Gear is right around the corner, so maybe the finals can be held on AEW Revolution. Each match for this tournament will be held on AEW Dynamite. Two women matches during each AEW Dynamite weekly. These matches can be one in the opening or ending or middle during AEW Dynamite. Here’s my layout and added storylines that can be produced from these match-ups.

Battle of the Super Vixens

Matches: Round 1

  1. Allie vs Brandi - winner Brandi

It was never clear if Allie and Brandi had truly parted ways. Back on June 16, 2020 Brandi and Allie fought Red Velvet and Kenize Page on AEW Dark. While Allie picked up the victory there was tension there and a fight almost broke out. However, it’s still unclear if they are no longer a team or at least implicated that Allie was still with the Nightmare Family because of QT Marshall. So, this is why the first match happens: to revisit this loose end.

*wrestlers can discuss match details on their own*

Brandi gets the win to end that chapter story. Brandi quickly moved to a new feud against Anna Jay only because Cody was facing The Exalted One Mr. Brodie Lee of the Dark Order. Allie is now free to explore options as a competitor again or join The Blade and The Butcher again.

  1. Leva Bates vs Anna Jay - winner Anna Jay

Leva Bates has been wrestling for years. She was given The Librarian gimmick and has made it her own. I can’t see her as anything different. Leva has yet to really prove

herself to the AEW Women’s division since she spends lots of time managing Peter Avalon. She can shine in this match against rising star Anna Jay.

*wrestlers can discuss match details on their own*

Anna Jay is smart and intelligent for the business. She has so much star power that she’s amazing already in her young career. However, joining the Dark Order so suddenly without a series of promos and footage leading up to WHY she would consider joining the Dark Order. She was on a winning streak then lost to Abadon to just join the Dark Order with a subtle explanation via commentary doesn’t help the story. She’s now known as the Queen Slayer and Number 99 of the Dark Order. She’s facing Leva Bates because of veteran vs trainee. Leva will make her shine and Anna Jay will insert a story into the match.

Anna Jay picks up the victory in this match so she can meet Brandi in Round 2 to continue their feud. During the special Tuesday Dynamite episode, Brandi fought with Anna Jay. Anna Jay picked up with the victory but their feud shouldn’t end so quickly. Anna Jay will continue her feud with Brandi after she wins the first round in this tournament.

  1. Britt Baker vs Swole - winner Swole

Britt Baker got hurt during the summer and managed to help her feud with Big Swole. It was entertaining. During AEW All Out, Britt and Swole got to settle their differences in a cool cinematic match. Swole has tons of personality - she’s a great talker. Britt has finally become a smooth in-ring performer and has developed her promo skills nicely.

*wrestlers can discuss in detail their match*

The reason for revisiting Britt vs Swole is because Britt wants revenge. She sid on AEW Dynamite 10.14.20 that the women’s locker room, so what’s a better way than righting a wrong against Swole. Swole won their cinematic match. However, Swole has improved and knows all of Brittany’s moves even knowing that Reba (Rebel) may interfere.

Winner will be Swole to advance to round 2.

  1. Penelope Ford vs Red Velvet - winner Red Velvet

Penelope Ford has the full package, however her engagement to Kip Sabian has left her distracted. In 2019 she could have been the breakout star but in this scenario Red Velvet can be that. Red Velvet has the look, attitude, and understands the rings. She can always be paired with Brandi to form a tag team once those titles and that section of the women’s division happens. She can also feud with Brandi to see who’s better and eventually be accepted into the Nightmare Family.

*wrestlers can discuss in detail their match*

*however: Ford needs to wrestle. Kip is banned from ringside. Ford needs to stop with the one hit or one move pander to the crowd and then do the next sequence. The match should be seamless; she should have the personality of a superbad bitch: she’s the ringmaster. (this is what I observe from watching her matches.)*

  1. Tay Conti vs Serena Deeb - winner Tay Conti

Serena Deeb has a plethora of knowledge in the ring. She’s an amazing competitor. Matching up these two ladies will be a test of athletics and technical prowess. Tay Conti is a rising star and she’s amazing in the ring. She commands the rings and the moves she uses. Tay Conti and Anna Jay should definitely be a team. They work perfectly together.

*wrestlers can discuss in detail their match*

Serena Deeb unfortunately loses. However, the long term storytelling here is this: the more losses she gets her revenge in stipulated matches that favors her more than her opponents. This will show the fans that Serena Deeb is the best in the business.