[Archive 2020] AEW Double or Nothing Prediction: Cody vs Lance Archer for Inaugural TNT Championship

The TNT Championship Tournament started on April 8, 2020. This was ingenious and kept wrestling alive during our current situation.

Lance Archer made his debut on April 1, 2020, and began steamrolling through the AEW roster. This landed him an opportunity to be placed in the first-ever TNT Championship Tournament. Cody became a part of the TNT Championship Tournament because the Network asked him to compete. For Cody, it's an honor for him to compete. TNT has a long, storied history with pro wrestling. It's the birthplace of WCW and Ted Turner taking on WWE during the Monday Night Wars. The TNT Network has prestige and class, and 20 years later, decided to do it all over again with All Elite Wrestling.

The TNT Championship Tournament started with 8 participants. Cody defeated Shawn Spears and Darby to advance to the finals. Archer defeated Dustin and Colt Cabana to make it this far. The TNT Championship is equivalent to a Television Title. Whoever wins is now "must-see" material.

Cody is the face of AEW, the huge knight that'll protect a product he built along with others. Archer is the murderer that destroys everyone in his way just because he knows he can. This fairytale story is all about power and position within the company rankings. Cody is at the top. Archer wants to be at the top. In other companies like Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling, Archer was indeed at the top of his game and the roster of those companies respectively. So why not bring it to AEW?

This match is heavy. Ever since AEW started, Cody wanted to challenge for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. 'Hangman' Adam Page failed at this quest, and so Cody tried his hand at it. Cody is such a betting man that he raised the stakes for his personal shot against Chris Jericho for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship by stipulating that if he doesn't win against Jericho, he'll never challenge for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship again.

During his match with Jericho, Cody's protégé at the time, MJF, decided to throw in the towel to save Cody. This caused the referee to ring the bell, deeming the match a forfeit, and now Cody lives with the reality of never challenging for the company title again. After that, the two would go on to have a feud resulting in MJF defeating Cody during their grudge match at AEW Revolution 2020.

Cody has had small wins here and there against other competitors on AEW Dark and Dynamite. However, while he's climbing the AEW Rankings, it's not enough for Cody. The thought of never challenging for the company's main title, and losing high profile feuds must be bothering him so much that he entered into a TNT Championship Tournament to test his skills and abilities. Cody has everything to lose. Archer doesn't have a thing to lose. Archer is fresh with no heavy losses like Cody. Cody is the company man, carrying it on his back and even with his failures, he's still a million bucks inside and outside the ring.

So if Cody loses this match to Archer, how far will that push Cody to become the heel we're all waiting for to emerge? Archer is represented by wrestling legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Jake came to AEW with Archer to take some of Cody's "pie" in the company and teach him to quit whining about his losses. Jake is bringing out Cody's dangerous side. It started with Jake putting a snake on unconscious Brandi. That's a personal attack and that'll allow Cody to dig down deep and possibly give the fans a different side from him.

However, it could cost him since he'll be angered and still overconfident to fight Archer. Archer could find a weakness to exploit it and end up winning to becoming the first TNT Champion. Archer doesn't have to worry too much because he knows and understands his in-ring skills. He's mastered and improved his techniques and prowess.

Who will win?

This Saturday, May 23, "Iron" Mike Tyson will present the TNT Championship to Lance Archer.