A Wrestler Till The End

A Wrestler till the End

Marie Shadows

October 10, 2018

An annoying crowd chant couldn't be farther from the truth for WWE’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia. November 2, 2019 is set for Crown Jewel. It's a highly anticipated show for the Saudi Arabian crowd.

I'm already exhausted that October has/had two pay-per-views: Super-Showdown (just aired on the WWE Network) and Evolution (the all-inclusive women’s PPV). I'll survive two more in November: Crown Jewel (Saudi Arabia) and Survivor Series (State-side).

Crown Jewel is headlined by a mega tag team match. The Brothers of Destruction will face two members of Degeneration-X: Triple H and Shawn Michaels. All men are well passed their prime. This is neither a good or bad thing because all men deliver when needed.

Fans are frustrated. Fans are upset. Shawn Michaels retired on March 28, 2010. That's eight years ago only to come out of retirement for money. Yes. I said it. And I understand. Wrestling is a business—always will and be—with a steady stream of cash. I'll probably take the deal too. But let's examine the mortal sin committed. Is that a tad strong?

When Daniel Bryan still had a career within WWE, rumors swirled about having a rivalry with him and Shawn. The fans wanted it. The rivalry would center around the simple storyline of teacher versus student. It's no secret that Daniel Bryan trained and studied at Shawn Michaels wrestling school in Texas. This idea didn't happen. If it did, it would've been a nice passing of the torch from teacher to pupil. Before WWE made Daniel Bryan a mockery of his former great wrestling persona American Dragon, the end result of this imaginary rivalry of Daniel Bryan going over Shawn Michaels would solidify his ability to stand with giants. Shawn Michaels isn't a giant, but the legacy he forge during the years takes the gigantism metaphor. Instead we got a YES! chanting, goat faced, NO! chanting Daniel Bryan persona.

When The Phenomenal AJ Styles made his Royal Rumble debut on January 24, 2016, the internet broke and we as wrestling fanatics knew this was a sweet ass treat. During AJ Styles WWE career, the internet and wrestling fanatics broke into a frenzy over someone's promotional poster of having AJ Styles versus Shawn Michaels. A great fantasy booking idea. A great rivalry if both parties had agreed to it. AJ Styles approved; Shawn didn't want to do it. And this was when Shawn could still probably go. Hmm...I wonder...was it a low payout...or was it about respect?

Just like how I respect the fans frustrations about the situation. I also respect when both Shawn Michaels and Undertaker visit...but part of you wants at least Undertaker to take care of business. Well...at least I know I do. And that's why I'm not jumping on the negativity bandwagon of fans that think this is a complete waste of time, energy, and talent waste.

Listen, during Super-Showdown, I popped for these part-timers. These part-timers put asses in seats as well as the young guys. But the older generation will always have that pull. It’s a novelty act too, that'll remain a “fight forever" situation. Degeneration-X and the Brothers of Destruction were always the forefront of WWE. It doesn't matter how you dressed them up, they changed with the decades which grants survival in an ever changing wrestling landscape. Trends come and go. Fans come and go.

The secret about WWE is simple and I can't believe no one sees it...or doesn't want to acknowledge it. WWE made incredible moments, incredible history with the use of simplistic storytelling and grand over-the-top characters. All these grand over-the-top characters didn't do Spanish Flys, 450 splashes, corkscrew dives, or anything else we see on the indy circuit. WWE used violence, implied sex, real life issues with simple wrestling move-sets to progress story and feed our minds, but that was a different time.

WWE is in the business of entertaining the masses even if that means traveling to foreign lands that needs to catch up with the wrestling history. So fans shouldn't be upset. We should understand that foreign countries don't have the same freedoms or massive technology that we hold dear and take for granted. Saudi Arabia should enjoy what they missed. We should enjoy what we missed too.

Everyone says: “I want the Attitude Era back!!”

WWE: “We give you Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Kane!!!”

Everyone: “Booo! Push the younger guys!!”

Nobody wins in this situation and WWE would continue making their own decisions without your input. Now I agree that the young talent signed should be on the card. But Saudi Arabian fans will not know many of the newer indy guys that WWE signed. WWE can surely showcase the newer talent but fans have to remember Saudi Arabia’s laws and taboos. Saudi Arabia is a new market for WWE.

Imagine this: remember that spectacular cruiserweight match between Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy. It was fast paced, hard-hitting, and flips to the max. What if an Arabian child decides to rough play with their friends and imitate what they witnessed?

So chill. Sports in foreign countries that hold with a tight grip over their people develop slowly. The States are an exception. We desensitize early, hopefully learning to not try what we see at home. So for now, part-timers are wrestlers till the end for foreign performances. No wrestler ever truly retires in their heart.

So, Brothers of Destruction versus Degeneration-X is the safest way to go. When a deeper relationship opens up with Saudi Arabia then WWE can think about bringing over the young talent.