[Archive 2020] Wrestle Study - 9 Lessons from Lance Archer matches

Lance Archer brings darkness with him to any visited wrestling promotion. He dominated New Japan Pro Wrestling. He's known as the Murder Hawk and often brings terror in the form of his Murder Manson. He screams the phrase: EVERYBODY DIES!

Lance Archer is set to debut on this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite episode. Wrestling legend Jake Roberts introduced his client, Lance Archer, on the March 11th episode of Dynamite. Both men sat in the crowd watching Cody during his match.

On the March 25th edition of AEW Dynamite, Jake Roberts asked Cody to give Lance Archer a contract. Jake Roberts has been instrumental in making Archer's debut happen in two days.

With the hype surrounding Lance Archer, I looked into the top 3 matches of his career. I'll discuss the matches and give a top 3 lesson for each.

This will help casual fans to understand what chaos will be unleashed in AEW. And also, it'll help prepare Cody in the inevitable confrontation.

Match 1: Lance Archer vs Will Ospreay (NJPW - G1 Climax 29, Day 1)

This match was indeed good. It felt meaningful. Ospreay is a smaller guy than Lance Archer. Was Ospreay scared? Probably. But with all of his talent, he managed to turn the match in his favor. However, Archer knew Ospreay too well; had him scouted. Archer showed his ability to apply calculated offense in this match. Ospreay knew that in order to survive this match with Archer he had to come out the gate fast, hard, and unsuspecting. The high-flying Superstar opened the match with a beautiful Spanish Fly. He didn't slow his attacks after that move. However, as the match went on, Archer countered most of Ospreay's moves and in the end, Archer defeated Ospreay with The Claw finisher.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Lance Archer is versatile. (Unpredictable.)

  2. Lance Archer's power is unmatched.

  3. Lance Archer studies his opponents.

Cody should study this match. Archer at times will be one step ahead of his opponents. Cody and Ospreay share a similar stature just different wrestling abilities. The AEW EVP would have to think at least four steps ahead of Archer to gain any type of advantage. Ospreay was at least thinking two during this match but still, the power and commanding force of Archer got the best of Ospreay for Archer to pick up the victory.

Match 2: Lance Archer vs Okada (NJPW - G1 Climax 29, Day 11)

Okada walked into this match as IWGP Heavyweight Champion and a winning streak of ten points during the G1 Climax. This match started differently from the previous one with Ospreay.

Archer had already learned from that match to start strong. While Okada was playing to the crowd, Archer unleashed an early attack on him. Okada went to the outside, reeling from the powerful attack, but Murder Hawk did a cannonball from the ring apron. Okada laid on the floor until Archer picked him up and threw him into the barricade.

Archer proceeded to chop the NJPW veteran and then delivered a short-arm clothesline. It felt as if Okada wouldn't get an opening but Okada managed to do dropkicks, back elbows, DDTs, and more. The two wrestlers then had an exchange of combo attacks. Even high power attacks as well. However, after much back and forth between the two, Okada became victorious in the end.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Lance Archer is resilient.

  2. Lance Archer is adaptable.

  3. Lance Archer is intimidating (command of crowds).