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Marie Shadows is a creative writer and loves to create wrestling stories, opinions pieces, short stories, and novels. Marie Shadows doesn't report on wrestling news and rumors. She has opinions on it, and if needed to be written about the swirling of news/rumors, those will be written and free reads. Anything creative such as but not limited to scripts, short stories, wrestling novel in progress, and more will be asked for financial support. It takes more time to create longer fictional creative pieces than journalistic or non-fiction shorter pieces. 

Marie Shadows will no longer be working with a Patreon or Substack platform. RavageLands will be the only stop for exclusive content that includes but not limited to depending on the tier list: wrestling travel vlogs, creative blogs, twitter spaces, discord,  fan Q&A, wrestler interviews, merch discount, behind-the-scenes photos and more. I appreciate the support from anyone willing to be apart of The Ring Crew community.

It's time to BET ON MYSELF and OURSELVES to create the very best content in the wrestling community that doesn't promote toxicity, negativity, and false news and rumor stories that are pass off as journalism.



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